Custom work

Since 2011, Liglinister is the place to be for commissions (private or B2B).

This can range from SFX make-up commissions (think of prosthetics, lifelike masks and trainings), to (custom) helmets, masks, armours, weapons, accessories, props and much more.

Looking for a custom commissions?
We are always looking for new, challenging projects to tackle. We have experience with projects of different sizes, ranging from small replicas for private collectors, to large B2B events, film and promotions.












Q: How does this work? Working through a commission?

  • Working through a commission means that you give us an assignment to make something for you.
    This can range from making an existing cosplay prop, such as a lightsaber, to an armour or a character that we design especially for you.
    During the project, we keep you up to date by pictures or/and phone phone, so that you are always fully informed about the status and progress of your project.

Q: Sounds great! How do we start?!

  • Please fill in the form below with as many details as possible. We will send you back asap (see our current response time on the home page), with more information about the project time, estimated price, and schedule.
    Take your time to read and think about it, and if you like it, then we’re on!

Q: How long does it take to make something?

  • We can send masks, prosthetics or props of which we already have a mold, within two weeks (depending on size/difficulty).
    The working time for new projects, depends on the actual working time on other projects (other commissions, events and conventions).
    We can always inform you about this working time and the estimated finishing time of your project.

Q: Do you accept payment plans?

  • Yes and no :-). When placing your order, you can either choose to pay the full amount immediately, or pay an invoice of 40% of the

Q: How strong is your resin?

  • Strong. We carry out various tests on our resin on a regular basis, so that we are alwats aware of possible weak points.
    Masks and helmets have extra reinforcement with fiberglass, for extra strenght.
    Mostly, our resin can stand a fall on the (soft) ground, but we always recommend you to be careful. Standing or sitting on pieces will cause them to break (faster).

Q:  Can I use your helmets or armours for paintball or airsoft?

  • No. Our armours and helmets are designed to be accurate and beautiful in the first place, and not to offer safety during intensive games or sports. You can always edit some pieces for paintball or airsoft, but we cannot be held responsible for this, nor do we advise this. Safety above all.



Q: We are a school or company that gives workshops. Can we purchase prosthetics or materials through Liglinister in exchange for extra ads and promotion on our website or for a B2B rate?

  • We are always open for this kind of collaborations! Please e-mail us at and we’ll see how we can help!

Q: Can we book you as a guest or judge at a cosplay event?

  • Woah, thank you for this question! We feel honored that you think about us. Of course we would love to do this.
    We can be booked as a guest, judge, with possible guest acts, demostrations, or workshops.
    Please e-mail us at to discuss this further!

Q: We are hosting an event, and are looking for some one who can apply make-up and/or prosthetics to our actors. Can we contact you for this?

  • We offer packages for lare events, TV or promotional work. We are known for collaborating with Medialaan, various newspapers and mediacompaniets.
    Please e-mail us at for more information.


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Estimated Wait Times

Message Response: < 24h
Masks\Helmet Commissions: 2-5 Days
Prosthetic Commissions: 5 Days – 2 Weeks
New Design Commissions: 3-18 Weeks