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Who are we

Who we are, what we do, why we do.
    Blix Bliksem

    Hi there! My name is Blix, but you can call me BB. Big Boss that is. I am in charge of this entire operation. Need proof? Check out my minions instagrams. Who do you see on each an every picture??? That's right. Me.

    Blix Bliksem
    CFO - Chief Furry Officer
    Maera Poop

    Maera is our manager. She makes sure she's there when food is around, when people need emotional support, cuddles, boops, everything. Oh, and she likes to steal my food.

    Maera Poop
    The Borkmanager
    Glenn Van Bergen

    Glenn is the technical dude. He knows all about the molding and casting. He's also a big fan of the 3D printing stuff. I like that. When the printers work, he can throw balls with me. He also likes to play with foam and armours and so. I prefers just so sits on it.

    Glenn Van Bergen
    The crazy one
    Lissa Meeusen

    This minion is the weird one. She loves watching Buffy the vampire slayer. Over and over and over again. Guess that is why she chose this weird hobby. Lissa is in charge of the sculpting and painting and loves to create (wearable) art.

    Lissa Meeusen
    The babblefest
what do we do
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What do we stand for

Ideas and concepts

We love to think outside of the box and create unique characters from scratch.


Close to 10 years experience of making high-end products in the make up industry.

SFX, prosthetics and masks

We have a wide range of prosthetics on stock, but love to make your dream prosthetic or mask, come true.

Props & 3D printing

Creating props from different bases (wood, foam, 3D print) is Glenn's specialty. With a range from original concepts to screen accurate props.