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These alcohol activated make-ups are created to perfectly color your skin, silicone, foam latex or gelatine appliances.
Made for extremely durability, alcohol activated make-up can withstand water and can be best removed with SuperSolv.
Can perfectly be used for underwater shoots and activities.

All these palettes are activated with 99% alcohol, which can be purchased through us (250ml) , or through the most local pharmacies.

Why choose Encore?

– Unparalleled coverage and durability
– Varying Opacity levels: Achieve washed effects or solid coverage
– Low profile containers (easy to access with larger sponges and spatter- brushes)
– White removable mixing plate

Colors per palette:

Blood edition: Prime Red, Aged Blood, Bruise Red, Dried Blood, Mauve, Prime Yellow, Vein Blood, Prime Black, Bruise Purple, Fresh Blood.

Flesh edition: C2, C4, W3, W5, W9, Mauve, Burned Sienna, Prime red, Prime Yellow, Charcoal.

Injury edition: Nicotine Stain, Prime White, Bruise Red, Dried Blood, Mauve, Prime Blue, Vein Blood, Prime Black, Bruise Purple, Fresh Blood.

SFX edition: Prime White, Prime Yellow, Prime Green, Prime Blue, Prime Black, Mauve, Prime Red, Fresh Blood, Dried Blood, Bruise Red.

Skin edition: N1, C1, W1, C2, W2, C4, C5, W5, C6, W9.

Undead edition: Pale Dead, Vein Tone, Vein Blood, Night Swamp, Dirty Brown, Light Grey, Nicotine Stain, Aged Blood, Charcoal, Bruise Purple.

Zombie edition: Night Swamp, Dirty Brown, Nicotine Stain, Pale Dead, Vein Tone, Aged Blood, Prime Blue, Prime Black, Bruise Purple, Fresh Blood.


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