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Our famous lifecasting kit.

We sell our lifecasting kit in two different sizes: our basic kit and our deluxe kit!

The basic kit has, you can guess it, the basics to make your lifecast. Enough alginate and enough plaster bandages to make your face cast. Ofcourse, you can use our lifecasting kit on whichever bodypart you like.

The deluxe kit is for those starting out with lifecasting. It comes with a detailed how-to guide, tips and tricks from our own lifecasting studio and every thing you need to know or have for your own lifecast (from brushes, to vaseline, mixing containers, and such!).
It includes, not only the products from the basic kit (alginate & plaster bandages) but as well 2kg of our Hydrocast (HydroCal) and burlap to make that beautiful casting of your face.

Always lifecast with caution. Do not preform a lifecast on yourself, always have some one help you.
The material itself does not stick to hair, but we always recommend using vaseline on hair, if not only safety, but as well for comfort of the model.
Always make sure your model can easily breathe through his or her nose. Do not use straws in the nose.

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