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NSP (Non Sulphur Plastiline) soft  plastiline. Non-sulphur, non-drying clay. in blocks of 0,9 kg.
Can easily be molded by silicone (sulphur based plastilines can contaminate silicone).

Available in Hard-Medium-Soft.
One block of NSP weighs around 906gr.


Lissa’s note: If not sculpting with MonsterClay, I personally, prefer sculpting with the medium NSP. It is not too soft, not too hard and can be used for both sculpting appliances and teeth. (But really, sculpting teeth in NSP Medium is soo nice. The surface can be made extra smooth by brushing on IPA.)
I also use the brown colored NSP. But that is just preference, I guess. I sometimes even paint my lifecast the same color as my NSP.


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