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Aves® Paper Maché is an all around multi-purpose, safe and non-hazardous, no asbestos maché, made with virgin paper pulp. This fine textured maché has a white body, is lightweight, strong and very versatile. It is super handy to soften up rough forms.

How to use?
– Measure dry paper maché powder as needed and mix with water to desired consistency. *Can add food colorants if desired.
– Maché is now ready for use. Set-up time is about 30-45 minutes, depending on the mixed consistency. Maché is fully cured when moisture dries off in 1 to 4 days.
– Simple water clean-up. Finish and paint as desired.

The color of this product is white. Easiest to paint! Comes in 0.45kg, 2.68kg and for those large projects, in 11.34kg!

Lissa’s note: I love making large sculptures out of paper maché. Unfortunately, I always struggle to make the surface of my (old fashioned newspaper/paper maché) sculpture soft and beautifully textured. Until I came across Aves Paper Maché. It is so easy to put on top of your already made sculpture to soften out the forms and add details.

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0.45kg, 2.68kg, 11.34kg


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